Spring is officially springing (according to the pollen here in ATL) and I’m glad (not about the pollen part though). The sun is out longer and earlier and it has shifted my productivity in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. The truth is, I’ve been wanting to blog more but I just felt disorganized all throughout the first quarter. So many changes during this season which came with inevitable growing pains. 

No complaints here, just noticeable changes that gut punched me without warning. I needed a second to recover. 

My recovery has included seeing my therapist weekly, sending the kids back to school, reading the Word regularly and partaking in retail therapy more than I’d like to admit. I ended the quarter trusting myself more, getting some more uninterrupted time during the work day and building a spring wardrobe I’m proud of. 

This past week was heavy with the news and so I have been leaning more towards the things that bring me joy more than usual. These things aren’t even deep, just deliberate products, moments or things that bring me joy for the time being.

Here are the 10 Things that brought me joy this week:

Good Girls on Netflix

I’m not really a big TV show watcher. Admittedly, Hubs and I are always pretty consistent with the latest Marvel shows but aside from that I’d rather watch YouTube videos or read. For whatever reason, this past week I discovered Good Girls on Netflix and I am hooked. The show is as funny as it is thrilling and Rio is just…I don’t even think I have the word. If you watch it, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Red Blend

One thing that has been consistent in my nightly routine is taking a bath and for that extra layer of relaxation, I add a glass of the Black Girl Magic Red Blend by the McBride Sisters. I just started getting into red wine this past year and it’s because of this. It’s so smooth yet robust which is great if your palette isn’t as seasoned to red wine like mine. I ordered it for the first time last year from their site but came across it at my local Target a couple of weeks ago. It’s terrific.

Rifle Paper Co Meal Planning Pad

You guys know I am adamant on meal planning for the sake of sanity and the only way I am able to plan consistently is by writing it down. I’ve used this weekly pad for months but recently discovered this one which is specifically designed for meal planning. You guys know how much I love Rifle Paper Co. (they recently just sent me their new porcelain mug and some paper goodies) and this just added fuel to the love fire.

We Are by Jon Batiste

On repeat in our house and our car is Jon Batiste’s latest album, We Are. It is absolutely fantastic. It’s one of those albums that you can play 15 years from now and it’ll still sound refreshingly timeless. Batiste is the band leader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and a New Orleans native. The music on this album is so good that even the kids have been requested to listen to it. My fave track is the title track and the girls can’t get enough of “Cry.” It’s ALL good though.

Gucci Flats

One of the items that have been on my list of dream wardrobe pieces finally made in my closet last week. I’ve had my eyes on the infamous Gucci mules for longer than I can remember. They’re so classic and go with everything in my opinion. While I always imagined I’d own them in black because it goes with everything, when I saw them in white it just seemed like the right thing to do with all the florals and light colors I’ll be wearing the next couple of seasons. Because it’s more of an ivory than it is stark white, it was the right call.

Maybelline Super Stay lipstick in Fighter

We’ve discussed this many times on my Instagram Stories but my favorite drugstore title goes to the Maybelline Super Stay lipstick in Fighter. It is literally the perfect brown and stays on no matter what. If you brush your teeth. Eat some chicken. Wipe your mouth. It stays on. You guys always ask about it whenever I wear it and for good reason. It is the perfect lipstick if you ask me.

Clear coffee mug

After seeing it everywhere on social media – Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram – I finally gave in to the clear coffee mug trend. You know I love me a good monogram mug, but I must say the clear mug is a nice switch. I love seeing the creamer blend in with the coffee. It is so weirdly satisfying but makes me smile every time.

Blue ruffle dress

This dress is so fun and extra which are two things I pride myself on being so it was only right I get it. Not only is it 55% off right now, it also goes beautifully with floral sneakers as much as it goes with heels. I may or may not be allergic to it, but in my opinion it was worth the temporary hives. It was way more comfortable to wear than I expected. Pretty and comfortable? That’s a double win.

Denim ruffle shirt

A Canadian tuxedo is always a good look in my book, so I was especially excited to wear it after getting this shirt. It was nice to find a denim shirt that had a feminine touch (hello, ruffles) which made me love it even more. I absolutely was giving Black Shania Twain vibes (Hubs called me ‘Mattia Twain’) and that’s fine by me. 

Ouai hand wash

I had randomly been seeing many of the influencers I watch or follow talk about this hand wash. I enjoy Jen Atkin and have had good results from her Ouai products so after seeing it for the 100th time I gave in and bought this $32 hand wash. I understand the hype –  not only does it smell good but it has little scrubbing beads that gently exfoliate your hands every time you wash them. Talk about luxe!

I hope you guys are clinging on to joy as much as you possibly can this week – it’s necessary.